In 1988, Paul Newman opened The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut so that children coping with serious illnesses could have a special hideout where they could simply by kids. The Camp, which served 288 campers its first year, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012-13 with 20,000 children and family members now experiencing “a different kind of healing” annually. Each year, 2,500 are served onsite and 19,000 visits by the Hospital Outreach Program bring the fun and friendship of Camp into more than 20 sites throughout the Northeast – all free of charge.

The Kansas City campers are very fortunate to be able to attend camp each year alongside the hundreds of kids that come from the northeast. It’s incredible to think about the difference Eric has made in their lives with his simple idea of raising money to take a whole group rather than being the only one to experience this magical place.

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