Victorious in the End

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Victorious in the End

When I was a young boy, I was smart, athletic, and, of course, very handsome. These same qualities were engraved in every main character of every book that I read. Many times, I would imagine myself as the main character of the books that I read. I liked to read books that were “out of this world.”

The first set of books I remember really getting into were “The Chronicles of Narnia.” If you are unfamiliar with it, it is a story about children, about my age at the time, and how they end up in another world where an evil queen ruled the land. This was no ordinary land, for in this land animals represented the people, and everything was alive. Unicorns, centaurs, all kinds of other distorted figures, and even the trees, were alive and well. In the end, all the land was saved by the people’s god, Aslan, a giant lion.

After that series, I got a kick out of fantasy-fiction books. In these books, it was usually one person against the greatest of odds, but truth, honor, and justice were always on their side. The hero, or group of heroes, would come out victorious. As I said, I saw myself as the main character, and always as the humble victor.

As a kid growing up, I had never faced anything more bothersome than a fly. I always dreamed that some evil would befall my family, and I would be left to defend them. I would vanquish the foes with a swift kick to the knee or a simple call to the police! Always, in the end, everyone would hug or kiss me, and thank me for my bravery.

I did not anticipate it, and I definitely did not want it, but my great terror, my battle against outrageous odds, was not long in coming.

After weeks of headaches, double vision, and blacking out, my mother took me to the doctor. The doctor was not long in discovering that I had a tumor inside my brain. It was cancer. My battle had arrived, but with very ill timing. We battled through the surgery, through the sickness, through radiation and chemotherapy. The doctors had little hope; they told us I had about six weeks to live. The odds were never stacked this badly in my books!

I struggled through each day, hoping for it to end gently, not wanting to die a painful death. But here I am. They did not kill me – I was too tough. I cracked skulls where I had to and came out victor. Now this was in the books.

Unfortunately, life is not written in any book that I know of. Last December, I had one of my scheduled CT scans, and it showed positive for more tumor. After seven years, the cancer, the menace, had come back and shown its ugly head.

For me, this was the ultimate downer. I did not enjoy it the first time around, I do not enjoy it now, either. My final battle is nearing its conclusion. My final chemotherapy treatment is in January.

Through it all, I have tried to remain noble, honorable, and humble, but damn it, enough is enough!

It is written in all of my books, and I know it to be true. He who is in the right, and he who is fighting for good, is always victorious in the end.

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